Plan Contacts

Below, you will find contact information for all of PEBP’s plan carriers and vendors.



Click on the UMR logo to log into your account. 

Third-Party Administrator for the Consumer-Driven Health Plan (PPO), the Low Deductible Plan (PPO), the Exclusive Provider Organization Plan (EPO), PPO Dental Plan, and Flexible Spending Accounts.

Level 1 Claim Appeals can be filed online through the member’s UMR portal under “I need to… Submit Medical Claim Appeal”

For those with FSAs and for those who still have HSA funds with HealthSCOPE Benefits, click the link below to add your UMR debit card into your mobile wallet. Most PEBP participants have HSA/HRA accounts with HSA Bank (keep scrolling down to see HSA Bank below).

Group Number: 76414946

Customer Service: 1-888-763-8232
P.O. Box 8022
Wausau, WI 54402-8022
1-888-7NEVADA (1-888-763-8232)

HealthSCOPE Benefits

Healthscope Logo
HealthSCOPE Benefits Customer Service: 1-501-508-4085

Corestream Voluntary Benefits

Corestream is a third-party provider for consolidated payroll deduction billing and voluntary benefits brokerage services.

PEBP’s voluntary products include: The Standard Group Accident Insurance, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Insurance; The Standard Long or Short-Term Disability Insurance; The Standard Voluntary Life Insurance; VSP Vision, Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance; Legal Ease Legal Services; ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection; and Nationwide Pet Insurance.

Customer Service: 1-775-249-0716

Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc.

Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc. logo

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Sierra Health-Care Options is the PPO provider network for members in southern Nevada enrolled in the CDHP (PPO) and the LD (PPO), including participants who reside in and want to utilize services in Clark, Esmeralda, and Nye counties. PPO members in southern Nevada are encouraged to confirm the network status of provider(s) before receiving health care services.

UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network

United Healthcare Choice Plus Logo
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UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network is the PPO and EPO provider network for all out-of-state and northern Nevadan members enrolled in the CDHP, the LD, or EPO plan, including participants who reside in and want to utilize services out-of-state or in Washoe, Carson, Douglas, Storey, Lyon, Churchill, Pershing, Humboldt, Mineral, Lander, Eureka, White Pine, Lincoln, and Elko counties. Out-of-state and northern Nevadan members enrolled in a PPO or EPO plan are encouraged to confirm the network status of provider(s) before receiving health care services.

Diversified Dental Services and Principal Preferred Provider Dental Network

Diversified Dental Services, Inc. logo
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Diversified Dental Services PPO Dental Providers in Nevada and Principal Preferred Provider Dental Network for all other states.

Customer Service: 1-866-270-8326
5470 Kietzke Lane, Suite 300
Reno, NV 89511

Express Scripts - Pharmacy Benefit Manager for the CDHP, LD and EPO plans

Customer Service: 1-855-889-7708
Benefits and Prescriptions: 1-800-282-2881
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy: 1-877-ACCREDO (1-877-222-7336)

P.O. Box 66566
St. Louis, MO 63166-6566

Price a Medication Tool is available for price comparison. See Price a medication using flyer for more information.

If you have not received your Medical ID card, please present the Temporary ID Letter to your Express Scripts network pharmacist to accurately process your prescriptions.

HSA Bank

HSA Bank is the new HSA/HRA provider effective July 1, 2022. If you currently have HSA funds you must transfer your existing HealthSCOPE HSA to HSA Bank to avoid a monthly fee. If the CDHP medical coverage terminates for any reason, including changing health plans, or changing from the CDHP with an HRA to an HSA during open enrollment, any remaining funds in the HRA account will revert to PEBP on June 30th.

Customer Service: 1-833-228-9364

The HSA Bank Employee Resource Center is your comprehensive resource on HSAs and HRAs including flyers, videos, FAQs, investments, tax information and more.

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your health accounts through one-hour live webinars. Each session provides in-depth information on different aspects of the account.

Calculators help you make smart decisions about your healthcare.

Health Plan of Nevada (HMO)

Health Plan of Nevada logo

Click the logo above to visit their website.

Customer Service: 702-242-7300 or 1-800-777-1840
2720 N. Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV 89128-0424

VIA Benefits

VIA Benefits logo
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Individual Medicare Market Exchange for Retirees with Medicare Parts A and B.

Please note that hold times with Via Benefits are longer than normal during annual Medicare Open Enrollment from October 15 – December 7th.

Customer Service: 1-888-598-7545
Claims Fax: 1-855- 321-2604
HRA Onsite Assistance Appointments: 1-844-266-1395


UnitedHealthcare administers the basic life insurance policy offered to eligible active and retired members effective 7/1/2022.

Group Number: 370074

Customer Service: 1-888-763-8232

UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits
P.O. Box 7149
Portland, ME 04112-7149

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) and Travel Assistance are included as part of the basic life insurance policy for eligible participants.

For MAP support call 1-877-660-3806, TTY 711

For Travel Assistance support call:
toll free at 1-800-527-0218
or email

The Standard

The Standard Insurance Company logo
Click the logo above to visit their website.
Voluntary Life, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity

For basic life insurance death claims where the participant was deceased prior to 7/1/2022 contact The Standard.

Customer Service: 1-888-288-1270
920 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

Real Appeal

 Real Appeal

Click on the Real Appeal logo to visit their website. 

Available to all Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), Low Deductible Plan (LD), Exclusive Provider Organization Plan (EPO) and Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) participants for $0 copay. Start living a healthier, happier life with help from Real Appeal, a free online weight management program proven to help you achieve real, lifelong results.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand connects CDHP, LD, and EPO plan participants face-to-face with a board-certified doctor or licensed psychologist (by appointment) on your smartphone, tablet or computer through live video. 

Customer Service: 1-800-997-6196

2nd.MD – Virtual Second Opinion

2nd MD helps connect you with board-certified, leading doctors across the country for an expert second opinion via video or phone within 3 to 5 days. The Care Team coordinates all the details, so you can focus on one thing – getting the best care possible.

If you find yourself asking questions like: Do I have the right diagnosis? Am I on the best treatment path and medications? Is this surgery or procedure the best option for me? How can I find the best local doctor for my medical needs or my surgery? Then 2nd MD will get you the help and answers you need.

2nd MD helps members make informed choices when faced with important healthcare decisions such as; giving them more than one treatment option, helping them understand the benefits and risk of each, and increasing members’ confidence that they are moving forward with the right treatment decision.

Customer Service: 1-866-841-2575

Hinge Health

 Hinge Health

Click on the Hinge health logo to visit their website.

Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), Low Deductible Plan (LD), and Exclusive Provider Organization Plan (and EPO) participants and your eligible dependents have access to Hinge Health’s programs for muscle and joint pain for $0 copay. Hinge Health is moving people beyond pain by transforming the way it is treated and prevented by connecting people, digitally and in person, with expert clinical care. Using advanced technology and AI, a team of clinical experts guides people through personalized care directly from their phone. It is proven to reduce pain by 68%, prevent 42% of new opioid prescriptions, and avoid one in two unnecessary surgeries.

Call Hinge Health at (855) 802-2777

Sierra-Health Care Options - Utilization Management

Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc. Utilization Management (UM) Services
The State of Nevada Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) has contracted with Sierra Health-Care Options to provide utilization management (UM) services and large case management (CM) services. In addition to these services, Sierra Health-Care Options specializes in transplants.

Utilization Management Company
Customer Service: 1-888-323-1461
Fax: 1-800-288-2264

Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc.
PO Box 15645
Las Vegas, NV 89144

AGIS Network

AGIS Network provides caregiving resources, Long Term Care (LTC) insurance education, and enrollment support for employees and their family. 
Contact AGIS Network for assistance at 1-877-485-2318 or at

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Amplifon Hearing Health Care logo

Click the logo above to visit their website.


PEBP has teamed up with Amplifon to offer you quality hearing health care. If you think you may have hearing loss and are interested in a hearing exam or hearing devices, please click here for more information.
Customer Service: 855-532-0753 TTY:711

Other Contract Providers