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PEBP does not maintain the provider list. Please note that it is your responsibility to verify with the provider that they are in-network. PEBP does not maintain a network specific to vision care.

Whether you simply want to know about the hospitals in your area, or you need to choose a hospital for surgery or other procedure, the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade should be your first stop for finding the best hospital for you and your family.

FAIR Health is an independent nonprofit organization that collects data for and manages the nation’s largest database of privately billed health insurance claims and is entrusted with Medicare Parts A, B and D claims data for 2013 to the present. This data is widely used in the industry to determine market appropriate benchmark pricing for medical and dental services. To learn more, visit FAIR Health.
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Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP PPO), Low Deductible Plan (LDP PPO), and Exclusive Provider Organization Plan (EPO) Providers

The network for northern Nevada and out-of-state is UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network. The network for southern Nevada is Sierra Health-Care Options. 

  • Find in-network medical and behavioral health providers
  • Find Express Scripts Pharmacy Network Providers, and price your medications using the medication pricing tool. See this flyer for more information.
  • Find dental providers on the Diversified (Principal) Dental Network
  • Diversified Dental Services, Inc. Find a Dentist Help Guide
  • Find exclusive Hip and Knee Providers
  • Find Obesity Care Management Program Providers
  • Find Other Contracted Providers
  • Doctor on Demand offers virtual care with providers dedicated to your health. Before using Urgent Care or Emergency Room services you may want to consider Doctor on Demand.
  • For northern Nevada members, routine lab services performed at Renown Labs are covered under your health insurance plan. Outpatient laboratory services for routine/preventive lab testing may be performed at Renown labs, or a non-hospital-based, freestanding laboratory such as Lab Corp or Quest. If Renown labs, or a freestanding, non-hospital-based laboratory facility is not available within 50 miles of your residence, you may use an in-network outpatient hospital facility or hospital-based lab draw station.

Health Plan of Nevada (HPN HMO) Providers

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Find a Health Plan of Nevada network provider, pharmacy or find dental providers on the Diversified Dental Network website Find a Provider.