About Us


The Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) administers a group health and life insurance program which offers comprehensive medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and life insurance. Our organization is responsible for designing and managing a quality health care program for approximately 43,000 primary participants and 27,000 covered dependents, totaling over 70,000 lives.


Funding for PEBP operations and insurance plans comes primarily from participant and employer contributions. PEBP submits its funding and operational requirements to the legislature as part of the biennial budget. Upon approval, each State agency is assessed an amount to contribute toward both the active-employee and retiree health plans.


The PEBP Board consists of 10 members appointed by the Governor, including an Executive Officer who directs the program and serves at the pleasure of the Board. We work to ensure the PEBP Board consists of members with varied and relevant education and professional backgrounds. The Board’s purpose is to adopt regulations, Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), enforcement, and policy for the agency.


PEBP employs a staff of 34 full-time employees. Operations include quality control, accounting, member services and eligibility, public information, and information technology.